If I can keep my soul singing
and clapping its hands,
that's all that really matters.
For me, that's what aging is all about:
allowing the soul to expand
even as the body fails.
Marion Woodman,
from On Women Turning 60:
Interviews and Photography
by Cathleen Rountree

Crossing into Elderhood

One day you wake up and feel how tenuous and precious your life is as you enter its second half. You recognize that you long for those years to be a reflection of your true nature.

Crossing into elderhood involves looking deeply inside, uncovering your authentic self and creating anew the life that is your soul's work. Of course, it also helps to maintain a sense of humor as you adjust to a changing body, the shock of discovering you no longer look like you did at twenty-five.

For those anticipating this journey and for those already in the midst of it, I offer myself as witness and guide, helping you cross the threshold into elderhood, where you become the elder you long to be.

Crossing Into Elderhood programs offer:

Professional Experience and Training: